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Unlock the Box

Dates & Time

Sat, Apr 28 | 4 - 9pm



On Saturday, April 28 at 4:00pm, the Mystery Box will be opened and its contents will be given away one at a time, every half hour, from 4pm to 8:30pm.

At 9pm, the BIG winner of the night will be drawn for a LIFE CHANGING prize opportunity!

Receive a free virtual entry daily, plus more based on your Fan Club® tier. Plus, earn additional virtual entries for every 500 base points earned on your Fan Club® card.


Clue 1:  Pay off your debt, maybe touch up your lips, or trade this prize for a big stack of chips.
Clue 2:  Waves of fun, in the sun. Dive off the edge for a little more fun
Clue 3:  Yours are outdated, you can’t cool or bake; walk away with this prize, and your family will love your cookies and cake
Clue 4:  Play in the mud, go off road with a friend, tear up the trails for a fun filled weekend
Clue 5:  Carry it in your hand, we’ll give you lots. You could start a band, or try your luck on our slots
Clue 6:  With this prize in your pocket, and stars in your eye, you’ll lose track of time looking through racks for things to buy
Clue 7:  In every house, it has its place. This prize will help you geek out your space
Clue 8:  Take your beau, or take a friend, you’ll have everything you want while you lay in the sand
Clue 9:  Take a seat, or two, or four. With this gift there will be no need to sit on the floor
Clue 10: This prize is King, and accepted everywhere. Buy that someone special a ring, not that you’re a thousandaire
Clue 11:  We can’t say “million”, so we’ll just say, win up to a “schmillion”. The last prize could make you a hero. Just imagine, winning up to 2 commas & 6 zeros.




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