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What Do You Know About Baccarat?

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Tue, Jul 18, 2017


Heather Rapp



It's the engaging casino game with the fun name, Baccarat (bah-cah-rah). Want to learn how to play? Here's everything you need to know about Baccarat.

How to Play

Baccarat is a straightforward game played between a dealer and a player where the bet outcomes are one of three choices: dealer wins, player wins, or the game ends in a tie. Note that the hands have nothing to do with the dealer or an individual player, they are just the names of the hands. Additionally, a group of players can play, but only one "player" hand will be dealt.

The cards are dealt and bets made on whether the player's hand or banker's hand will be greater. The hand values are as follows:

- Cards below 10 are their face value.

- Aces carry a value of 1.

- Any card valued at a double digit will drop the left digit.

When placing a bet, you can bet as much as you like between the table minimum and maximum. Bets are placed in front of you in a designated area marked "Dealer," "Player", and "Tie."


1. Bet on the dealer until he loses. When he loses, wait a decision to see the outcome. If it's dealer, continue betting on him, if it's player go ahead and switch your bets to player.

2. Bet on the player until he loses.

The chances of either hand winning is close to equal, but streaks can help sway your decisions and hopefully earn you a few wins.


1. If you're unsure of what to bet, don't go for the tie. The house edge for a tie are way bigger than for the player.

2. If you're still unsure of who to bet on, go for the banker. The banker will have slightly higher odds 50 percent of the time.

3. Baccarat can move quickly so take care to manage your money, you want to walk away with something even after a not-so-hot streak.

When you've gotten comfortable with Baccarat, why not play a few games of Midi Baccarat? Midi Baccarat is open late, allows the players to touch the cards and features Dragon Bonus Side Bets. Side bets are a way to win even more and it also adds more excitement to the game. Not only will you bet on whether the banker or player will win, but by how much. It's just another curveball to keep the game interesting and you entertained.

When you're ready for a new game, check out the variety of table games at the Isle of Capri Casino Hotel® Boonville. We have all your favorite table games, including Super Four Progressive Blackjack, High Card Flush, Cajun Stud and many more. You'll never get bored.


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